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T2T Dryland workshop October 3 & 4, Nakkertok, Ottawa
This workshop is directed at coaches working with children 12 - 16 years of age (Training to Train). Prerequisite: NCCP Trained Community Coach and Trained Learning to Train status.
Registration open on    [2015-07-31]


Coach Mentorship Program
CCO is introducing a new annual Coach Mentorship Program. The aim of this program is to facilitate partnerships between coaches and therefore support and further education of high performance coaches. Coaches will be paired based on each individual coach's needs and the partnership will be initiated by CCO's Coaching Development Co-ordinator. This year's program dates: September 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016. Application Deadline: August 21, 2015.
Information and Application    [2015-07-31]


Coach Opportunity: Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoe
In preparation for the Arctic Winter Games, the Kativik Regional Government's (KRG) Recreation Department and Team Nunavik-Quebec (TNQ) are hiring coaches to manage a five month long training and development program for youth between the ages of 13-17 years.
Job Description    [2015-07-28]


Coaching Opportunity - XC Chelsea Masters
XC Chelsea Masters (Ottawa area) is looking for a part-time Head Coach.
Job Notice    [2015-07-16]


L2T Dryland workshop October 16 - 18, Highlands Nordic, Duntroon
This workshop is directed at coaches working with children 9 - 12 years of age (Learning to Train or Track Attack).
Prerequisite: NCCP Trained Community Coach status (completed ICC and CC workshops).
Registration open on    [2015-07-16]

Team Hardwood

Roller Ski Race Aug. 5 - Downsview Park
Event Poster     Event Information    Contact:


Career Opportunity - Chief Executive Officer - Cross-Country Canada
Cross Country Canada is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer. The position is in Canmore AB. Applications close August 10, 2015.
Information    [2015-07-09]


Roller-Ski Racing Returns To SOD at Downsview Park
SOD held a roller ski race at Downsview Park, Toronto on July 8. The course is a paved rolling 2 km loop. The 27 participants competed in 4 races in a Kings Court Sprint format. Next race Aug. 5, $5.00 per entrant.
Information:  [2015-07-09]


Patti Kitler Recipient of 2015 Firth Award
Congratulations to Patti Kitler on receiving the Firth Award at the 2015 CCC AGM in Canmore. The Firth Award is awarded annually to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to cross country skiing in Canada.
Full Story     [2015-06-24]

Team Hardwood

Team Hardwood 2015 Mega Camp
Team Hardwood has changed the age range for it's 2015 Mega Camp to 13-17 years.
Team Hardwood Summer Camp Series Page
Camp Poster    [2015-06-24]


2015 - 2016 Ontario Cup Events
The schedule of Ontario Cup Events for 2015 - 2016 is posted.
2015 - 2016 Ontario Cup Formats and Techniques


2016 World Junior/U23 Trials at Lappe Nordic
CCC is pleased to announce that the Haywood NorAm World Jr/World U23 Trials will be hosted by the Lake Superior Nordic Association at Lappe Nordic from January 14-17, 2016.
Draft 2015-16 North American & World Cup Calendars  [2015-05-30]


Coaching Opportunity - Female Apprentice Coach
CCO is seeking a female apprentice coach/chaperone for the OST dryland camp in Thunder Bay and the OST European on snow training camp. Due to the nature of the team trip and the need to have both genders in a supervisory role, only female applicants will be considered for this position.
Mid-Summer Dryland Camp Chaperone/Apprentice Coach Position Description
Dachstein Chaperone/Apprentice Coach Position Description


Slack - Communication Platform for CCO Coaches
CCO has launched a new communication platform for all coaches in Ontario called Slack. With this tool coaches can exchange information, upload videos and files, talk technique and see what's new in the world of coaching. Slack integrates twitter, dropbox, google drive and more and also syncs between desktop, smart phones and tablets. Twenty-one Ontario coaches signed up in the first few hours. Together we are stronger! To sign up contact Katja:  [2015-05-20]


CCO Contract Coach Anouncement
Cross Country Ontario is pleased to announce the hiring of Andrew Casey as Ontario Ski Team Contract Coach, and Mike Vieira as Ontario Talent Squad Contract Coach. These positions fit into Cross Country Ontario and NDC Thunder Bay partnering to offer vertical integration in the development of Ontario athletes.
Announcement    [2015-05-19]


Employment Opportunities at Arrowhead Nordic
Arrowhead Nordic is looking for Skill Development Program Coordinator and Track Attack Coordinator.
Job Descriptions  [2015-05-18]


Women's Arctic Challenge guided by Katja Mathys
Katja Mathys, CCO Coaching Development Co-ordinator guided (for Black Feather) a group of 14 British ladies across Auyuittuq Pass on Baffin Island this Spring. The linked video follows the event.
LeasePlan Woman's Arctic Challenge: The Whole Story  [2015-05-13]


2015 Talent Squad Nomination
The Ontario Talent Squad Nominations are posted.
2015 Ontario Talent Squad Nominations

Team Hardwood

Team Hardwood Summer Program and Camp Registration Announced
Team Hardwood is pleased to invite skiers from across the province and beyond to join its summer program or take part in one or more of its training camps.
Details  [2015-04-17]


2015 OST Nominations
The Ontario Ski Team Nominations for Junior Boys/Girls and Juvenile Boys/Girls are posted.
OST Nominations


Junior Men and Junior Women (YOB 1996), CPL / IPB Ranking List for Ontario Ski Team Nomination
Junior Men and Junior Women (YOB 1996), CPL / IPB Ranking List for Ontario Ski Team Nomination


CCO & NDC Thunder Bay Extend Partnership
Cross Country Ontario and NDC Thunder Bay are pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership to provide comprehensive Ontario Ski Team programming to Ontario's best junior skiers. For the upcoming 2015/2016 season, we will partner with NDC Thunder Bay to offer Ontario Ski Team members appropriate developmental training opportunities, both dryland and on snow.
Please see accompanying notice outlining the program.
To provide further support to the partnership, Cross Country Ontario is seeking applications for a contract coach(es).
Please see accompanying job notice.
Questions regarding this program should be directed to Liz Inkila, CCO Administrator at or Victor Wiltmann, NDC Thunder Bay Assistant Coach at  [2015-03-27]


Ontario and Nakkertok are Overall Haywood National Champions
Ontario came out on top in the Divisional rankings at the Haywood Ski Nationals, 14 - 21 March 2015 at Lappe Nordic. This is the first time Ontario has topped the standings since 2006. Nakkertok took it's sixth straight Club Championship, with Team Hardwood third.
Full Report  [2014-03-25]


Ontario Talent Squad, & Ski Team Points after Nationals
Ontario Points after Nationals:
Ontario Ski Team Points After Nationals
Ontario Talent Squad Points After Nationals
A reminder to all athletes to please review the criteria document to familiarize yourself with the various deadlines regarding OTS Midget applications, force majeure and OTS/OST appeals. Questions should be directed to Liz Inkila at .  [2015-03-23]


Midget Championships Club Banner Aggregate Results
The Midget Club Banner for 2015 was won by Highlands Trailblazers at the Midget Championships hosted by Temiskaming Nordic on March 7 - 8.
Full Results


Ontario Talent Squad, Ski Team, & Bib Points after O Cup 4
Ontario Points after O Cup 4
Ontario Talent Squad Points after O Cup 4
Ontario Bib Points after all Ten Races (revised 15-03-05)

Light the trails for Larry
As you all know our good friend Larry recently lost his battle with cancer. One of Larry's recent plans was to improve the training opportunities for athletes at Highlands by lighting enough of the trail network to allow evening training on varied terrain. As a way to honour Larry's lifetime in skiing, his many friends have established a fund for a system of solar powered lighting.
Participation Information  [2015-02-09]


Ontario Talent Squad, Ski Team, & Bib Points after O Cup 3
Ontario Ski Team Points after O Cup 3
Ontario Talent Squad Points after O Cup 3
Ontario Bib Points after O Cup 3


Eastern Canadian Championships Links
There is a lost and found section on the Eastern Canadian Championships website.
Eastern Canadians Lost and Found
There are great photos of the event posted.
Eastern Canadian Championships Photos
Summary reports are available for each day.
Summary Reports

Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair
It is with great sadness that Cross Country Ontario announces the passing of Larry Sinclair. As a young man, Larry competed both at the provincial and national level. The Sinclair family was synonymous with cross country skiing in Collingwood.
[full announcement]    [2015-01-26]


2014-2015 Ontario Points & Bib Points after First Five Races
The Ontario Points and Bib Points Tabulation from the first five Ontario Cup Races is posted.
2014-2015 Ontario Points After First Five Races
2014-2015 Bib Points after First Five Races  [2015-01-18]